A Post for November

It’s time to dust the blog off again. We’re in the middle of the autumn season now and AP and I felt that we needed to take one more long weekend trip before we hunker down for the winter. We decided upon Yorkshire, specifically the Halifax area so that we could visit both Shiben Hall, … More A Post for November

Are You OK?

Back in January – remember way back then? Well, back then I was preoccupied with trying to figure out how to pull myself out of the winter doldrums and how to move forward after an overwhelming and disappointing conservative election victory. I knew then that we were in for a whole heap of hurt as … More Are You OK?

It’s Not my Job, I Can’t Help You, Computer Says No…

AP bought an expensive collectable book from a vendor who sent the book via a private courier. The book never arrived and thus far we have had three communications from the courier stating: That the book was delivered; that the book is in their facility in a nearby town and would be delivered the following … More It’s Not my Job, I Can’t Help You, Computer Says No…

Early December

I just looked outside and saw a burst of snow flurries!  Our first of the season. Daisy got a haircut. She would never allow me to cut her hair, which was overgrown and very thick.  Each time I approached with clippers or even some scissors, she would draw her lip back and growl at me… … More Early December

English Summer

  These English summers. Moderate temperatures. Blue skies with or without puffy clouds. Meadows with wildflowers and walks along the county trails. The seaside. Oh readers.  I don't even have a funny story to tell you. I've been muddling through the days picking up pieces that have fallen away and trying to get broken things … More English Summer