A Post for November

Howath, Yorkshire
Shibden Hall

It’s time to dust the blog off again.

We’re in the middle of the autumn season now and AP and I felt that we needed to take one more long weekend trip before we hunker down for the winter. We decided upon Yorkshire, specifically the Halifax area so that we could visit both Shiben Hall, Anne Lister’s home, and Howath, where the Bronte sisters lived and wrote. If you don’t know who Anne Lister is, check out the BBC series Gentleman Jack, which tells the story of this interesting woman’s life. Both historic properties were well worth a visit.

We rented a little cottage on the edge of a village where it was quiet and picturesque and perfect for us. The first night we were there, I was very tired after a long drive so when AP asked me to put the kettle on for a cup of tea, I picked up the ELECTRIC kettle from the electric base, filled it with water, and put it on the hot burner and melted the bottom so that billows of smoke filled the room. AP was horrified and I was in a bit of shock, trying to understand why in the world I would do something so lame brained?

Well… as I said, I was tired. And in fairness to me, an American, the electric kettle was in the exact shape of a kettle that one would put on the stove top and boil water in and electric kettles are not commonly used in the US. My brain did the American switch and — that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

Once the smoke cleared and we managed to clean the plastic off the stove top, AP stood before me to go over health and safety measures once again and I just burst out laughing. I’m sorry. It was funny. He laughed with me and all the upset and trauma dissolved. Well… all the trauma except telling the home owners, who were really very lovely about it all. They said “it’s easily done.” So there.

I’ve added a few new pieces to my shop – dendritic agate pendants and a silver bracelet.

My best to you all as we enter into the winter months… or the summer months for my friends who live down under.

OX, Kim

5 thoughts on “A Post for November

  1. Oh dear…I did that to a kettle, though not an electric one. I didn’t check there was enough water in it before I turned on the gas. oops!
    Pleased you had a nice weekend away. I must email you and bring things up to date…

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