Oh Yeah – I Went There

The Scottish Highlands
Stone Circle, Orkney Islands

A few months ago, AP and I talked through the list of places where we intended to go for our retirement. Ohhh, we had hoped to visit places far away — those with ancient cultures and mysterious histories. We acknowledged that covid put the kibosh on any travel dreams that might be outside of the UK border and there we sat, in our living room, looking at each other and thinking, “Good Lord. Oh well. Nevermind.” (We seem to say this a lot nowadays.)

Then I piped up, “There are some fascinating ruins up in the Orkney Islands and I’ve always wanted to see them.” I couldn’t remember the name but I was referring to Skara Brae, a neolithic settlement that was discovered over 100 years ago.

AP said “let’s go” and so that’s what we did.

As you can see, Scotland was absolutely gorgeous and we were very lucky to have sunshine every single day. Even the little biting midges were cooperative, mostly, and we were a part of a small tour with nice people. It was a fantastic adventure made all the better because someone else drove us. (Rabbies Tours of Scotland are fabulous FYI.)

Skara Brae
Norse Graffiti

Above is a reproduction of some Viking graffiti that was found at Skara Brae. It’s the name Bjorn with a cross, which I found poigniant. “I was here,” Bjorn wanted us to know.

And I’m still here, too 🙂



3 thoughts on “Oh Yeah – I Went There

  1. OH! How lovely, Kim! I never got to the Orkneys (actually I never got to anywhere that far North!) I’m so glad you were able to have this trip, Covid or nor bloody Covid, as a friend said.

    My blog is at a standstill, but I’ll email our news

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