And now October

  I started this post last week and now the calendar has rolled into October and I am here, with my dogs and cat, on an early Sunday evening, watching the rain come down. So much has gone on here over the past few weeks.  Did I mention that we had all of our upstairs … More And now October

Brighton, U.K.

  We took time off last week for a quick few days in the coastal city of Brighton.  Brighton has often been described as London by the sea because it’s filled with cultural and off beat things to do and places to see. Because this is England and because the weather Gods have not been … More Brighton, U.K.

Late August 2017

Sometimes I plop the dogs in the car and drive to a different walking place because we get very bored with the same old neighbourhood walk.  Well.  I get very bored and I imagine that the dogs get bored as well.  So off we went —   We found ourselves at Waverley Abbey.  These are … More Late August 2017

August Beginning

We’ve been going for summer walks in the nearby field. August rolled in and brought with it cooler days and rain.  We walk in the late afternoon in between rain showers and I note that the blackberries are starting to ripen and have seen a few people out with containers, picking the ripened berries while … More August Beginning

English Summer

  These English summers. Moderate temperatures. Blue skies with or without puffy clouds. Meadows with wildflowers and walks along the county trails. The seaside. Oh readers.  I don't even have a funny story to tell you. I've been muddling through the days picking up pieces that have fallen away and trying to get broken things … More English Summer

Dog Days of Summer

Perhaps their weight loss diet is getting to them.  This afternoon there was a very contentious confrontation between these two over 1/2 of a potato chip.  It wasn’t pretty and one of them is feeling very ashamed and one is not so ashamed.    

Midwestern Summer

I’ve had a quick visit back to Michigan. Every time I return to the Midwest I’m taken in with the wide open spaces of rural areas and the quaint, early 1900’s architecture of the local towns and villages. My mother moved from her house into a smaller accommodation.  Her house was cleared except for a … More Midwestern Summer

Madam Daisy

I can’t say Daisy is a difficult dog.  She’s really not.  She likes her bed.  She likes to sit on my lap.  She likes to be stroked.  She likes her food.  She makes few demands on us, really. But I am learning that there are some things that Daisy doesn’t like terribly much:  cats, other … More Madam Daisy