Madam Daisy

I can’t say Daisy is a difficult dog.  She’s really not.  She likes her bed.  She likes to sit on my lap.  She likes to be stroked.  She likes her food.  She makes few demands on us, really. But I am learning that there are some things that Daisy doesn’t like terribly much:  cats, other … More Madam Daisy

Homage to a Campaign

  AP and I put this slide show together to commemorate the general election campaign here in SW Surrey and to especially honour all of the volunteers and supporters who came out in every way to lend their support to the National Health Action Party — which was chosen by the Progressive Alliance to represent … More Homage to a Campaign

Now In May

Today… sun, blue skies, and cow parsley.  I noticed this big, lush patch growing near the field when I walked Daisy and Sky… if one can call it walking.  It’s more like stopping and starting and coaxing and waiting.  Daisy is the slow poke, mostly because she is hugely overweight and I suspect her spindly … More Now In May

Wait, What?

Yep.  It happened. Meet Daisy and Skye, two little rescue dogs who are now a part of our family. It’s funny how things happen. When I visited Carol back in March, she shared her utter joy and relief that she was able to place her beloved dog, Peanut, with a family who loved her and … More Wait, What?