Late February Snow

Weather:  Let’s get this out of the way.  It’s cold here and look at this!  This happened yesterday. Dogs: Daisy got a stomach bug last week and, boy, that was unpleasant.  She spent the day in the hospital, getting rehydrated. The dogs got roast chicken for a few days, while Daisy’s stomach recovered.  When I … More Late February Snow

Long Time No Blog

  The other day AP and I were lamenting that we both gained a few pounds over the holidays and we have failed to take them off. “I suppose it’s partly my own fault,” said AP thoughtfully. Then we burst into laughter. I’m partly to blame.  The other part is society’s fault, I guess. Same … More Long Time No Blog

Early December

I just looked outside and saw a burst of snow flurries!  Our first of the season. Daisy got a haircut. She would never allow me to cut her hair, which was overgrown and very thick.  Each time I approached with clippers or even some scissors, she would draw her lip back and growl at me… … More Early December

Thanksgiving 2017

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my American friends and family.  Back home in Michigan my sister is setting her table and baking fruit pies and my nephew is making the turkey, even as I write this. Over here in the UK, our celebration is a bit subdued. However you’re spending Thanksgiving day, I hope it’s … More Thanksgiving 2017

And now October

  I started this post last week and now the calendar has rolled into October and I am here, with my dogs and cat, on an early Sunday evening, watching the rain come down. So much has gone on here over the past few weeks.  Did I mention that we had all of our upstairs … More And now October