I’m very late in writing this blog post (surprise surprise). Since our incredible trip to Scotland, AP and I have been mostly staying around home, working on our own projects, and sometimes working together in an effort at home improvement. Recently I was asked by a friend to give her daughter a lesson in metal … More September

What’s the Buzz?

From my friend, Sandy, who lives up in the wilds of Massachusetts, USA… “Imagine a quiet morning. Alone in your house. Snow staring to fall, when you hear a loud noise coming from your roof. It sounds like a motor trying to start. Then a loud vibrating noice. Then you hear something fall. You exhaust … More What’s the Buzz?

Lockdown II

Photos from my daily walks. One of the things that I love about France is the cafe au lait bowl. I used to have one for myself but it mysteriously disappeared a few years ago after I came back from a solo visit to Michigan. I’m not pointing fingers or saying who did what…but all … More Lockdown II

Another Year…

…closer to collecting my state pension😁. This is what makes me excited about my birthday, which is today. Also, we are on a holiday near the Welsh border and it’s peaceful and beautiful up here, which makes me feel very grateful.