Early Spring

We’ve been blessed with sunshine this past weekend after several days of dreary, grey, rainy mornings — then afternoons. I had happily did my errands in town on Saturday, stopping for coffee and wandering in and out of shops while enjoying the sunlight and the sort-of warm weather. Daffodils are everywhere.  Little grape hyacinths, too. … More Early Spring

Catching Up

The days have passed by like – like – like wildfire or a runaway train or something.    They’ve  been taken up with … I’m not sure what! I have had some work and so I’ve been in my studio a bit. I met with a garden designer — who is really my neighbour — … More Catching Up

Fun and Games 

It was  a weird winter day here in Michigan:  fog, rain, freezing temperatures and general yuck.  Lucky for me, I was invited out for an afternoon with my friends, Cristy and Maggie.  They turned a cold, grey day into something fun and magical — and magical is not an over-the-top expression in this case.  I … More Fun and Games 

Winter in America

The farmer’s fields were muddy and barren.  And then… A dusting of snow and the landscapes changes.  I hope this is a metaphor for what I see happening in the current political climate. Change can’t come soon enough for me.  Hate and fear of “the other” will not serve us well. Only very sick nations … More Winter in America


My sister and I as we arrived at the March– My supportive nephew escorted his two aunties –  I’m very proud of him   My sister’s poster drew a lot of attention and she was interviewed by MSU radio — We were delighted to meet Ruby – she was lovely.  #Welcome to the resistance  #Welcome … More Resisterhood