Another Year…

…closer to collecting my state pension😁. This is what makes me excited about my birthday, which is today. Also, we are on a holiday near the Welsh border and it’s peaceful and beautiful up here, which makes me feel very grateful.

May Update

I had a long conversation with my marketing advisor at Mellowburn Media and she tells me that my blog should be updated at least once a month and that it should contain some of my jewellery work — so O.K. First things first. In an effort to better cope with lockdown measures and the general … More May Update

Are You OK?

Back in January – remember way back then? Well, back then I was preoccupied with trying to figure out how to pull myself out of the winter doldrums and how to move forward after an overwhelming and disappointing conservative election victory. I knew then that we were in for a whole heap of hurt as … More Are You OK?

On Getting Older

These words were found on Twitter and brought to my attention by a dear friend. It was written by Gennifer Hutchison, who was a writer for Breaking Bad. It resonated with me and maybe it will resonate with you, too. Here it goes… “Here’s a thread of some stuff that happens as you get older … More On Getting Older


Trying to beat the winter blues with a trip to Portugal. We invited our friends, Mr and Mrs Redrokit to join us and the four of us knocked it on the head. AP and I had a few extra days in Porto due to inclement weather and we decided that that wasn’t such a bad … More Portugal

Post Holiday Holiday

Because we were feeling out of sorts after December events – we took ourselves away to the coast. These photos are from Lyme Regis, a town that is notable for the birthplace of Palentologist, Mary Anning (see the film Ammonite), the home of author John Fowles and the setting of the film based on his … More Post Holiday Holiday

Sixteen Years

We just celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary and so we decided to go up to London and see the new production of Fiddler on the Roof. Well, I decided that we should do that and AP said, “OK”. We drove to the train station and parked up. Neither of us had the coins to put … More Sixteen Years