Winter Walks and Meanderings

We’re in the depths of winter now and it can get pretty gloomy so whenever the suns comes out we grab the dogs — Skye on her lead and Daisy in her little kangaroo pouch — and we head for the local park or a surrounding nature reserve. It’s always a very leisurely walk because Skye likes to sniff every single scent that another dog might have left on a nearby tree, shrub or stick. Besides eating, it’s her main pleasure and so we allow her that time and also, we’re not fast walkers anyway.

AP gifted me a jeweller’s bench for Christmas and it was finally delivered and installed last week. A proper jeweller’s bench can spare a worker a lot of back and neck pain and so, thank you AP. I love it.

And because it’s February and it will soon be time to think about another attempt at growing vegetables, I bought a beautiful vegetable trough with tall legs so that I can tend to my little vegetable patch while standing. I struggle with growing things and last year’s vegetable harvest was meagre but I’m ever hopeful that this year will be better.

Things I’ve made in the past month: Labradorite earrings, a blue diamond necklace, and a simple amethyst ring in celebration of the month of February.

How have you been spending the winter months?

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