On Getting Older

These words were found on Twitter and brought to my attention by a dear friend. It was written by Gennifer Hutchison, who was a writer for Breaking Bad. It resonated with me and maybe it will resonate with you, too. Here it goes… “Here’s a thread of some stuff that happens as you get older … More On Getting Older


Trying to beat the winter blues with a trip to Portugal. We invited our friends, Mr and Mrs Redrokit to join us and the four of us knocked it on the head. AP and I had a few extra days in Porto due to inclement weather and we decided that that wasn’t such a bad … More Portugal

Post Holiday Holiday

Because we were feeling out of sorts after December events – we took ourselves away to the coast. These photos are from Lyme Regis, a town that is notable for the birthplace of Palentologist, Mary Anning (see the film Ammonite), the home of author John Fowles and the setting of the film based on his … More Post Holiday Holiday

Teachable Moments

This is Katie, my 10 year old neighbour. Sometimes she hangs out with me when she is not in school. She’s a lovely, lovely kid. The last time she stayed with me, we watched a program on the suffragettes and that sparked a good discussion on the history of women’s rights. One time we watched … More Teachable Moments

Sunshine in February

And just like that… I appear in late February after a three month absence. This what I’ve felt like since late November… Christmas was very busy. I went to the United States in January. And this week the sun came out! The above photos were from a trip that I made to Petersham Nurseries with … More Sunshine in February

Paris And …

We went to Paris a few weeks ago to meet up with my sister and her family, who were travelling together through France. Here we are, sitting in the sun in a Paris cafe, blabbing away.  We didn’t have much time together so we had to talk fast.  The coffee helped. I really love France. … More Paris And …