I’m very late in writing this blog post (surprise surprise).

Since our incredible trip to Scotland, AP and I have been mostly staying around home, working on our own projects, and sometimes working together in an effort at home improvement.

Recently I was asked by a friend to give her daughter a lesson in metal working and ring making and I was happy to do that. Ella is almost 16 years old and is a gifted crafter so we sat down together a few weeks ago and spent an afternoon with saws, hammers, torches, silver and gemstones. She was a quick learner and a pleasure to work with. And she finished her ring, too!

I noticed that both Ella and her mother had lovely hands and so I seized an opportunity to grab a few photos of those lovely hands wearing some of my statement rings:

Lapis Statement Ring
Garnet Ring

Well, it’s a blog written by a jewellery maker, so I had to post a few photos.

And here I am, sitting with Daisy who is now blind and deaf, but she still likes to go on walks so I put her in a kangaroo pouch and I take her when I walk Skye. We always stop at this bench and sit for a bit while Skye smells every single tree and shrub in the area. We then go home and we all feel like we’ve been somewhere. It’s the little things 🙂

5 thoughts on “September

  1. Great to see you again!
    This blogging seems to get harder! I will try to get a fresh post up today.Perhaps.Maybe> But I’m still around
    And those are very snazzy boots.None of yer glass slipper nonsense!

    1. Haha. Thanks for noticing my boots. Believe it or not, they’re remarkably comfortable. And yes…why is blogging getting so hard? Maybe just too much social media all the way around.

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