A stitching story and other notes

I came across an article about Lorina Bulwer, an unfortunate woman who, back in in the 1800’s, was placed in a workhouse by a family member where she lived until her death in 1912. It was in this workhouse that she created a number of embroidered scrolls expressing her anger at her situation.

The scrolls are made from reused fabric and read as a stream of consciousness, sometimes very sad but sometimes very funny, too. It’s possible that Lorina suffered from a mental illness and almost certain that conditions in the workhouse would have either caused it or exacerbated it.

Her work is exhibited in Norwich Castle Museum and I hope to visit it one day so I can see these remarkable scrolls and learn more about Lorina Bulwer and her artistic expression.

In Dragonlane news, I haven’t been working very consistently due a newly developed shoulder pain (insert tearful emoji here). On the upside, I’m still finding plenty to do that doesn’t involve metalwork and I truly believe in rest and regeneration and I can do that without guilt or worry. However, here are a few pieces that I managed to finish and post in my shop:

White Scolecite Earrings
Pale Green Emerald and Garnet Stacking Ring

That, as they say, is all she wrote. I hope everyone is enjoying the onset of spring and for my friends in the southern hemisphere, happy autumn.



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