A Post for November

It’s time to dust the blog off again. We’re in the middle of the autumn season now and AP and I felt that we needed to take one more long weekend trip before we hunker down for the winter. We decided upon Yorkshire, specifically the Halifax area so that we could visit both Shiben Hall, … More A Post for November

Early Spring

We’ve been blessed with sunshine this past weekend after several days of dreary, grey, rainy mornings — then afternoons. I happily did my errands in town on Saturday, stopping for coffee and wandering in and out of shops while enjoying the sunlight and the sort-of warm weather. Daffodils are everywhere.  Little grape hyacinths, too. We … More Early Spring

Between Here and There

I leave for Michigan tomorrow morning.  AP and I have discussed the “while I’m away” checklist and I’ve done the last minute household things that needed doing or were past needing done. This afternoon I decided to go to the supermarket and buy enough cat litter and  cat food for the weeks that I’ll be … More Between Here and There

Sunday in October

Found things while on an afternoon walk. And then this – I was walking along, minding my own beeswax, when out popped this little furry head and then a “woof”.   I stopped and chatted with him for a few minutes and then I made my way down the road, along a dirt path, through … More Sunday in October

The Cat’s Meow and Somebody Had a Birthday — and other Updates.

Peri has always had weird vocalisations but they have become extremely loud and incredibly close and so it was off to the V.E.T. today where she was diagnosed with a cold.  She has decongestants and antibiotics now. We mentioned that she has a new bunny hop when she goes up the stairs and the good … More The Cat’s Meow and Somebody Had a Birthday — and other Updates.