It’s Not my Job, I Can’t Help You, Computer Says No…

AP bought an expensive collectable book from a vendor who sent the book via a private courier. The book never arrived and thus far we have had three communications from the courier stating: That the book was delivered; that the book is in their facility in a nearby town and would be delivered the following … More It’s Not my Job, I Can’t Help You, Computer Says No…

Teachable Moments

This is Katie, my 10 year old neighbour. Sometimes she hangs out with me when she is not in school. She’s a lovely, lovely kid. The last time she stayed with me, we watched a program on the suffragettes and that sparked a good discussion on the history of women’s rights. One time we watched … More Teachable Moments

Sunshine in February

And just like that… I appear in late February after a three month absence. This what I’ve felt like since late November… Christmas was very busy. I went to the United States in January. And this week the sun came out! The above photos were from a trip that I made to Petersham Nurseries with … More Sunshine in February

Paris And …

We went to Paris a few weeks ago to meet up with my sister and her family, who were travelling together through France. Here we are, sitting in the sun in a Paris cafe, blabbing away.  We didn’t have much time together so we had to talk fast.  The coffee helped. I really love France. … More Paris And …

Shorter Days and Cooler Nights and It’s October

I cried over beautiful things knowing no beautiful thing lasts. The field of cornflower yellow is a scarf at the neck of the copper    sunburned woman, the mother of the year, the taker of seeds. The northwest wind comes and the yellow is torn full of holes,    new beautiful things come in the first spit … More Shorter Days and Cooler Nights and It’s October

Forbidden Love

Daisy won’t let us hug anymore.  Nor can we sit close to each other on the sofa. She has become possessive… not of me but of AP, who gives her a long and luxurious morning back scratch while he watches the news. A behaviour modification program is in place.

September Beginning

I went walking this week with good friends.  It was about a 4 mile trek but maybe a little more because we zig zagged around a bit after miscalculating a footpath.  I barely noticed because I talked and talked and talked the whole time and when the walk was over we ate lunch at a … More September Beginning