May Update

I had a long conversation with my marketing advisor at Mellowburn Media and she tells me that my blog should be updated at least once a month and that it should contain some of my jewellery work — so O.K. First things first. In an effort to better cope with lockdown measures and the general … More May Update

The Cat’s Meow and Somebody Had a Birthday — and other Updates.

Peri has always had weird vocalisations but they have become extremely loud and incredibly close and so it was off to the V.E.T. today where she was diagnosed with a cold.  She has decongestants and antibiotics now. We mentioned that she has a new bunny hop when she goes up the stairs and the good … More The Cat’s Meow and Somebody Had a Birthday — and other Updates.

Friday in Mid May

I’m working on developing habits that might help me to find more time to be productive and more time to devote to my personal and spiritual development. This morning I found myself meditating quickly so that I could get to the studio and finish some pieces that were in the making.    I’m pretty sure … More Friday in Mid May

Month End Report

  This month found me  newly returned from a lovely eight weeks in Michigan to the aftermath of some major renovations to my house.  I’m still culling and decluttering and, in fact, I am feeling extremely virtuous at the moment because I recycled a whole bag of junk from the kitchen and upstairs office.  I … More Month End Report

Studio Work

I am on a mission to bring a few more designs into my shop. Yesterday I cast this rustic charm that I carved out in clay.  It’s my very first attempt and — it’s not too bad if I don’t say so myself.  Of course it needs to be cleaned up, filed and polished.  But … More Studio Work