Emma Meets The Beast from the East



(Permission given by Lee Moran to use his drone photo, which shows the park with Farnham Castle.)  

We had more winter excitement on Thursday and Friday.

Two winter storms collided and our little corner of the world came to a little bit of a standstill.

It was very exciting and all morning I watched kids pull their sleds down the road.  It reminded me of the days from my youth in Flint, Michigan, when we had school closings and we were so happy to have a day to play outside in the snow where we made snow forts and built snowmen.  (I used to be very wholesome.)

My neighbour’s 9 year old daughter spent the day with me and we stayed inside like sensible people.  We ate cheese sammiches, corn chips, and watched “Anne with an E” on Netflix, which is a wonderful series but Katie and I teared up a little during the first episode.  But we highly recommend it if you haven’t already seen it.

Our snow days are but a memory now as it warmed up, rained, and now we are left with mud.  I’ll take it.





4 thoughts on “Emma Meets The Beast from the East

  1. Ah, slushy, wet, late winter snow storms. Good for snowmen, but it brings back memories of wet snow suits drying in the kitchen.

  2. That’s a stunning shot of Farnham! Sometimes, I miss snow and sliding down Primrose Hill on a tea tray! And then I remember the ruined footwear, trudging/sliding home along salted streets. Some memories are best kept as memories!
    Glad you’re alright.

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