Brighton West Sussex

  My very stylish friend, Tess, invited me to Brighton for a few days and we toured the old city where there were streets with fishermen cottages, interesting independent stores, and really nice coffee shops and bakeries. And I met Poppolina, a teacup chihuahua who sat on the window of Zars barbershop.  If you’re in Brighton … More Brighton West Sussex

Back to Wales

Really. So much natural beauty. And this I surprised her while she was having her breakfast near an old stone wall. She left in a huff immediately after I snapped this photo. We had no itinerary or real destination.  We had a map and a car and we stopped off and asked the locals for … More Back to Wales

More August

Yesterday evening was just too beautiful to pass up and so after dinner, we drove out to our favourite village pub to give my sister a taste of a beautiful country village on a warm summer’s eve. This is the small river that flows nearby.  On hot summer days you will find children playing in … More More August