Are You OK?

Back in January – remember way back then? Well, back then I was preoccupied with trying to figure out how to pull myself out of the winter doldrums and how to move forward after an overwhelming and disappointing conservative election victory. I knew then that we were in for a whole heap of hurt as the UK began preparing for a hard exit from the EU led by the merciless Tory party. Little did I know that the heap of hurt was right on our doorstep and it’s worldwide and its name isn’t Brexit.

Years ago when my life went upside down I learned that I have no control over external matters. I had to learn to live in the day without projecting too far into the future and that is how I coped for a long while. When life became more normal again that lesson went out the window — but it’s back, as is anxiety about what may lie ahead. We are all feeling this at the present moment.

On and day-to-day basis, I’m OK. My mornings now include a long walk for exercise, something that I used to struggle with prior to COVID19. Now it’s a joy to leave the house and walk outside for 20 minutes or so. I still have some work rolling in. I am cooking more and have managed some pretty inventive meals out of necessity. I’ve discovered Zoom and Houseparty and am more in touch with family members on a regular basis than I’ve ever been and it’s been lovely.

It’s so quiet here. Have you noticed the stillness, too? No planes. Traffic has almost disappeared. The skies over my part of the world are clearer than ever and we’ve seen more butterflies lately than we have in the past five years or so. The insects and birds must be flourishing without all the human activity that usually decimates them.

I’ll end this blog post with a quote that seems pertinent:

Perhaps I am wrong, but it feels as though we are being stripped down to our essence…from the micro (our internal, personal existence) to the macro (our world, society). On my good days, I see an incredible amount of possibility in this. After the virus has run its course, after the deepest grieving, we can, perhaps, choose to begin again. I know that I am hardly alone in saying so and yet I wonder if it might take more courage than we realise to not run to our former anaesthetised comforts and ecologically expensive ease. Or. Maybe there will be no choice. No turning back.” – (Heather Robinson)

Thinking of you.



4 thoughts on “Are You OK?

  1. “Anxiety” about the future. Been feeling that for over three years now over the virus in our capital. I keep telling Mark, “There’s nothing I can do about it now. I voted.” I’ll vote again in November, but I live in Illinois, so it is already decided here. Maybe I should move to Michigan or Wisconsin and help tip the scales there.

  2. Lovely post Rockyann. I’ve never asked “Are you ok?” so often, nor been so relieved when the answer is “Yes.” It’s a quiet, day by day existence here in Michigan too, and we’re thankful for the distractions of spring.

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