It’s Not my Job, I Can’t Help You, Computer Says No…

Photo by Bruno Martin from Upsplash

AP bought an expensive collectable book from a vendor who sent the book via a private courier. The book never arrived and thus far we have had three communications from the courier stating: That the book was delivered; that the book is in their facility in a nearby town and would be delivered the following day; that they can’t find the book. They have not produced any proof of delivery.

The online vendor requires a police report in order to refund our money and claim insurance. A phone call to the police informed us that it is not a criminal matter and that they could not provide us with this documentation. We drove to the police station to ask, in person, if they could provide us with a letter stating the above so that we can show due diligence to the vendor. From the reaction of the police woman at the desk, you’d think we had asked if she would help us sell a firstborn child. She adamantly stated that there was nothing she could do to help us and she became defensive when I asked for her name and badge number, and she refused to give it to me.

I asked her if she could find someone who COULD help me. She blinked several times in bewilderment. I asked for the name of her supervisor and at that point she phoned him. He gave me his name and badge number and offered to speak to the vendor if they call him. He also gave us further instruction as to how we could get documentation about this claim (even though it’s not criminal) from the police, online. Result.

AP thanked me profusely for persisting with that police officer and he offered to buy me a summer blouse as a show of his deep gratitude. As luck would have it, I don’t need a summer blouse anymore because I bought two at a charity shop this week.

AP often benefits from my inclination to confront and “go all New York” in situations that warrant it, and I often benefit from his calm and patient demeanour. See? It’s a win-win.

Top tip: It’s important to get around the gate-keepers if you want any help at all because they are apparently not trained enough or paid enough to actually problem solve.

How’s your July going?

Photo by KJ Pritchard 😜

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