Early December




I just looked outside and saw a burst of snow flurries!  Our first of the season.

Daisy got a haircut.

She would never allow me to cut her hair, which was overgrown and very thick.  Each time I approached with clippers or even some scissors, she would draw her lip back and growl at me… her mother!

I finally called the groomer and explained that Daisy hates having her hair cut and ***might*** snap if groomed.  The groomer was unfazed.

When I picked her up from her appointment, Vikky, our groomer, said, “I don’t know WHAT you’re talking about.  She is an angel.  She was perfect.  She did not make a sound or a fuss.”

I guess Daisy didn’t have confidence in my approach to grooming and perhaps she was right to be defensive.

So — the dogs are bathed and groomed and now that it’s very chilly outside, they both wear little sweaters when we have our winter walks.  They’re so darned cute.

Sky likes to sleep under a blanket and she buried her head when she saw me with my camera the other morning.  It was too early for photos.

I’m busy in the workshop and I’m enjoying it.

And that’s my Friday update from a cold December day, 2017.



2 thoughts on “Early December

  1. Daisy and Skye are adorable. Funny, but “I don’t know WHAT you’re talking about. She is an angel. She was perfect. She did not make a sound or a fuss.” is almost exactly what the groomer said when I picked up Scout the first time. You’ve found a good groomer there. There are some who might know how to cut the hair, but can’t deal with special dogs like ours.

    1. You are right about the groomer. She used to groom Pickles and when I stopped by to let her know that Pickle’s had passed, she comforted me and every cried a little with me. She didn’t know that I had adopted two little doggies and her face lit up when I took Daisy out of her bag and she took her out of my arms and kissed her. She’s great and she knows what she’s doing.

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