Jokers to the Right

Wow.  These blog posts are getting to be as rare as hen’s teeth.


The other day I read a headline on a blog that said, “The Suicide Watch Continues…” and I realised that that’s exactly how I’ve felt ever since the US election.  I’m finding it very difficult to write, work, or get very excited about much of anything because I  see this dark, looming, dangerous force approaching and all I can do is watch it roll in.

I try to stay away from writing about politics on this blog.  On the other hand, this is real and it’s what’s happening in my life and I thought it might be best to just put it out there as a bit of honesty might loosen the grip of writer’s block and apathy.

I sat down in the workshop and started a charm necklace with a message.

In other (and lighter) news — Peri is still watching TV with us.  A few nights ago it was a program about dogs. She saw images of dogs on the screen and she walked over to the TV, sat right down, and proceeded to watch television with us.  It cracks me up.


I’m off to Devon for a few days and I hope that the change of place and scenery will  knock the doldrums out.



May we all find gratitude and inspiration this week!




4 thoughts on “Jokers to the Right

  1. Well… if I had to pull something positive out of the rubble of the burden of worry that you’re carrying… your work is expressive and coming from a real place! (not that it wasn’t before but you know what I mean!)

  2. If Peri starts watching those “Real Housewives” shows (assuming they show those over there), you might have a problem. As for the fall of the American democracy, I realized early on that the people have to feel real pain before they wake up. So I am going to just sit back and wait. I expect it to all turn to crap, but we’ll see. As long as my Social Security isn’t touched I’ll be fine. Otherwise you’ll see this sixty seven year old fart out on the streets with the kids.

  3. Well, you are certainly not alone. If that helps. Love the charm bracelet. Resist, indeed. And also remember to do kind things for yourself and to meditate and exercise and eat well, so that the strength to keep resisting can rebuild. And laugh when you can.

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