More Jibber Jabber and Idle Talk

I participated in a postcard swap a few weeks via iHanna and and have been receiving some really lovely handmade postcards and hand written notes through my door of late.

We’ve discovered that Peri likes to watch cats on TV!


Last week we were watching a documentary on domestic cats and Peri was completely enthralled.  She even patted the screen with her paws and sat in rapt attention throughout most of the film.  A few nights ago she did something similar when there was a program on snow leopards.  Every now and the Peri does something really cute but most of the time she sits on her perch in our living room and judges us harshly.

And finally, because we all need a big dose of cute, here’s the local pub dog, Arnie,  a nine month old baby Great Dane.  Would you just look at that face?

Happy Monday.



2 thoughts on “More Jibber Jabber and Idle Talk

  1. Ooh, I love the post card idea! I have added bitty sketches to some of my letters, but these past weeks I haven’t felt much like writing … so maybe a handmade postcard will be the answer. Cool. Thanks. And thanks for the feline and canine cuteness.

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