It Don’t Mean A Thing If It Ain’t Got That Swing


AP and I.  Well.  We decided to take swing dance lessons this fall given that the classes were two blocks down the road from our house.

Some of my readers know me personally and perhaps those of you who haven’t met me have gathered that I’m not exactly a ball of fire.  I’ve never taken dance lessons and I’m not friendly with my body so it was out of character for me to try to learn swing dance.

AP is a tennis player but he’s not a dancer and he was very resistant to lessons,  but we threw caution to the wind and enrolled in the beginner’s swing and jive dance class.

And we had a blast.

Last weekend there was a dance event down in Devon so AP and I took our 10 beginner swing dance moves and toddled on down to the south coast.  After we checked in and had our evening meal we put our dance shoes on and went to the ballroom of the hotel where there was live music and — holy smokes — about 50 dancers out on the floor and 50 more in the wings.  I am on exaggerating when I tell you that most of them were in their 60’s and 70’s and friends, those people THREW DOWN on the dance floor.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.

The music.  The dancing.  The magic.

AP and I gathered up a bit of courage and we snuck out to a dark corner of the dance floor once in awhile, did our 10 moves, tucked our tails between our legs, and sat back down and watched in amazement as other dancers tore up the place with their beautiful moves.

Jeez Oh Pees.

When we weren’t dancing, we drove out to Dartmoor and visited two really lovely towns in the area:  Chagford and Totnes.  Here are a few photos from our visit.  Sorry.  No dancing photos.



(A pretty yellow town house in Totnes…)

A nice window display in a local shop…

A Christmas Tree in a local pub — Happy Christmas.

Beautiful Devon…

A view of Stonehenge from the road as we were driving home.

And that’s the update from Dragonlane, this two days before Christmas.

Blessings to you this holiday season.


17 thoughts on “It Don’t Mean A Thing If It Ain’t Got That Swing

  1. Lovely photos! I think it’s great that you and your ten moves decided to go to the event 😀 Too bad about the lack of dancing pics x

  2. Ahh, Kimi, sounds delightful. You two are the coolest couple I know. Love to you both and a warm and merry Christmas.

    1. Oh Lord have Mercy. I’m glad you got a chuckle from my post but I want to remind you… it’s never too late to dance!! 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful holiday, Armen. I know you’re missing your dad. ***hugs***

  3. Merry, merry Christmas! The photos are gorgeous and I want you to know that your ten dance moves are ten more than I have … although I can tap my toes on occasion. If I don’t make it back here before then, Happy New Year, too.

  4. My fear of dancing goes all the way back to seventh grade. I was dancing up a storm with some girl in the gym and when I looked up I saw a teacher laughing at me. I haven’t been able to dance since without vast amounts of liquor and occasional chemical courage. I admire you for jumping into it. As for the photos, you live in a very special place. In America we tear old stuff down to make room for crap.

    1. Well — all I can say is shame on that teacher. I hope you get to dance some more even if you have to have a few vodka and tonics to do it. As one of the dance instructors said, “you leave a little bit of your soul out on the dance floor…”

  5. Ah, I loved the video of you two on FB. You go, girl! Mark and I tried ballroom dancing lessons once… the middle of summer in a non-airconditioned junior high school gym…..we quit after two lessons. The trauma remains with me still. Looks like you had a much better experience, thankfully. Merry Christmas from your old friend!

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