American Quilts and Textile Art — Featuring My Sister

My sister knows how to quilt.  And when I say “she knows how to quilt”, I mean “She KNOWS how to quilt.”  Indeed, she made all of the above and she donates many of her works to charity auctions.  Other pieces she gives to fortunate family members. 🙂


My sister belongs to a guild where she meets up and stitches with like-minded women.  She spends many hours constructing quilt blocks, choosing colours and patterns,  and quietly drawing thread through fabric until an entire mosaic is brought forth.  The quilters in her group often help each other with problem pieces — or with quilts that just need some finishing.  I love the social aspect of this craft, which is the same as it’s been for the past two hundred years in America, when women met, sewed, talked and shared their burdens and their talents.  Quilting was born out of necessity and austerity but has grown into a beautiful art form of (mostly) women’s handicraft.  What a wonderful heirloom she has gifted me and others.

8 thoughts on “American Quilts and Textile Art — Featuring My Sister

  1. Today I took needle and thread to some fabric that I am trying to turn into curtains for the area under a bathroom sink that no longer has doors. It looks like something a first grader might stitch, but maybe no one will notice:)

  2. Can your sister Debbie please adopt me and teach me how to do this :o) She is soooooo clever and talented. It occurs to me that being creative and rather fab runs in your family xx

    1. You are very kind. And I’m sure she would gladly bring you to one of her epic retreats where you will learn the craft. She insists that we could do it!

  3. Wow. Beautiful work. How lovely what she does. The kindness of her being and her generosity shines through in her work. What talented siblings you are!

    1. Thank you, Carol. We do have a little exchange going on– she gives me quilts for my beds and table covers for my holiday decorations and I give her earrings and necklaces to wear. It works really well.

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