Cat Post No. 343


I’ve got to be honest.  Things have all gone a little south lately.  Not in a horrible way but in a disorganised,  scatty way where I keep forgetting to maintain my important morning routines and I’m also trying to jump start my Christmas stock for the store so I’ve not been very mindful of how I’m spending my time and, well, I forget to post on my blog and I just do not like that.

Here’s an update–

August was crazy busy and I’m just coming off of that and in the meantime, Peri. once again, has gone off her food.  With Peri it’s like this:

I only like Sheba.

I only like Sheba poultry in gravy

I don’t like Sheba.  I like Felix cat food in Jelly and NO FISH.

I only don’t like Felix cat food anymore but I like Whiskas in Jelly.

On second thought… I like Whiskas in gravy but NO FISH

I hate Whiskas.  I want something in Pate.

OK — this cheap shit that you bought, “Chosidea Pate” is pretty good but I only like their Beef Pate.

That’s a negatory on the Beef Pate.  Do they have duck in gravy?

She’s driving me insane yet I dutifully go to the store and seek out new and different food choices for her.  Not only that, but AP and I, over our morning tea,  seriously discuss new and different brands of food that we might try so that she will eat her breakfast or dinner without complaint.   I just.  I don’t know.







8 thoughts on “Cat Post No. 343

  1. She is so spoiled. When I had feral cats out in my backyard, they would eat dog food if I was out of cat food. I’ve always found my house cats liked stinky food. The stinkier the better.

  2. Ha ha!! And we say cats are the “easy” ones when it comes to the cats vs dogs conversation. My cat eat everything, anytime it’s in reach of his face and if he feels like I’ve neglected his food wishes he jumps on the counter top and years open bread, cookies, you name it then he nibbles a piece from each slice to make sure he definitely doesn’t like it. But I’ve heard with the opposite issue like with Piri if you just leave the wet food out and some dry she will eventually eat it even if it takes a day or a bit more eventually she’ll understand that what arrives for her is her only option. It might sound mean but you’re the boss not her 🙂

  3. This can truly make you crazy. It eventually seems to work out, at least with dogs. It’s been so long since I had a cat that I’m at a loss for suggestions. But the description of your breakfast discussions was entertaining, for me at least. Even Peri might be chuckling u der her whiskers. Really wish they could read the labels and pick out their own food.

  4. Ha, and then try to figure out which food they like with medication added in……I desperately called our vet when Miss S. was refusing any food and her suggestion was to buy Fancy Feast. She said and I quote, “It’s garbage, but they love it.” She was right. Now S. is enjoying a mix of high and low (healthy and Fancy Feast) with a side of crunchy healthy food. She and Peri must be soul sisters.

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