Forbidden Love

Daisy won’t let us hug anymore.  Nor can we sit close to each other on the sofa. She has become possessive… not of me but of AP, who gives her a long and luxurious morning back scratch while he watches the news. A behaviour modification program is in place.

Early December

I just looked outside and saw a burst of snow flurries!  Our first of the season. Daisy got a haircut. She would never allow me to cut her hair, which was overgrown and very thick.  Each time I approached with clippers or even some scissors, she would draw her lip back and growl at me… … More Early December

August Beginning

We’ve been going for summer walks in the nearby field. August rolled in and brought with it cooler days and rain.  We walk in the late afternoon in between rain showers and I note that the blackberries are starting to ripen and have seen a few people out with containers, picking the ripened berries while … More August Beginning

English Summer

  These English summers. Moderate temperatures. Blue skies with or without puffy clouds. Meadows with wildflowers and walks along the county trails. The seaside. Oh readers.  I don't even have a funny story to tell you. I've been muddling through the days picking up pieces that have fallen away and trying to get broken things … More English Summer

Midwestern Summer

I’ve had a quick visit back to Michigan. Every time I return to the Midwest I’m taken in with the wide open spaces of rural areas and the quaint, early 1900’s architecture of the local towns and villages. My mother moved from her house into a smaller accommodation.  Her house was cleared except for a … More Midwestern Summer

Wait, What?

Yep.  It happened. Meet Daisy and Skye, two little rescue dogs who are now a part of our family. It’s funny how things happen. When I visited Carol back in March, she shared her utter joy and relief that she was able to place her beloved dog, Peanut, with a family who loved her and … More Wait, What?

Catching Up

The days have passed by like – like – like wildfire or a runaway train or something.    They’ve  been taken up with … I’m not sure what! I have had some work and so I’ve been in my studio a bit. I met with a garden designer — who is really my neighbour — … More Catching Up