A Sunday in May – Late Afternoon


After the elections I made my way back to the studio because I had work to do and life goes on. The elections seem so far away now and the immediate concerns of our daily life have taken over again. AP’s job called him out of town, I had work to do, the garden needed to be tended to, and we had to connect with friends and family again.

Spring is kind of – sort of making a show here.


It’s blustery and rainy for a few days and then the sun comes out and blesses us with light and a bit of warmth.  It’s still too cold for sandals on my feet and this is a great disappointment, indeed.

Peri has come with me again to the studio and I’m happy to report that she adjusted almost immediately to the change in location.  She knows this place now and so there is very little trauma in bringing her with me when necessary. She seems to enjoy moving furtively down the hallway, peaking around doors, and sleeping on her lavender blanket when it’s time to go to bed.


And this is all. This is all.

One thought on “A Sunday in May – Late Afternoon

  1. Amazing how working so hard on something can feel like it was ages ago when regular life takes over again.
    Lovely lavender blankie, indeed. Pickles & Peri look comfy and carefree, as it should be. I hope you are as happy when you snuggle in.

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