Wales and More

From Wales, cathedral ruins…


The landscape —

A neolithic boundary stone…


AP and I worked all night long at the count on election day. I was very moved by the experience of seeing democracy in action:  The ballots being delivered to the hall with escorts; the election officials giving instructions and then the actual count;  Piles of paper ballots (no electronic voting machines here and thank God for that);  Teams of civil servants counting them, registering the votes, and then teams of counting agents, such as AP and myself, standing or sitting in front of the tables to make sure that no ballots were dropped, lost, misplaced or misappropriated. There were no shenanigans in SW Surrey, I can assure you. 🙂

It was about as much fun as watching paint dry in actual fact, but the experience was a good one and I felt proud of our democracy here in the UK.

The election results are a different kettle of fish which I will write about later.

The National Health Action Party did not win but we received a decent number of votes considering we are a brand new party and only started campaigning in February — and we were campaigning against a heavily imbedded Conservative in a heavily conservative area.

At about 7:00 AM we stood before a podium and cheered and applauded Dr. Irvine after she gave her concession speech.  We saw her through to the end and I feel really good about that.  We had a teary hug with our fellow campaigners and we all promised to carry on the fight.  AP and I walked slowly back to the car, hand-in-hand, and we had an enormous rant in the car all the way home.  &*%$   X*@£(^  and  @$&^£(*&.




4 thoughts on “Wales and More

  1. It’s still early here in Atlanta and I haven’t had the coffee necessary to help me find the words … but I do have a sense of what you’re feeling. That said, your engagement with the process is inspiring. You go! I think the photos are gorgeous, too. Take care.

    1. Thank you, solesisterjuliet. The Tories have promised very deep cuts in spending and I hope the people of the UK are ready for what’s about to come.

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