Midweek Art Appreciation

Tetsuhiro Wakabayashi is a Japanese illustrator and artist.  I discovered him or her through Cathy Cullis’s blog — and then Flickr — and then on Etsy. Each time I saw one of his/her paintings or prints I gave a little sigh and a smile.   Then I looked at the name and I said… “Oh yes!  I recognise this artist.”

Last week I had a little extra money and so I placed an order for some prints for my studio and one day I will buy a painting.

Here is some of Tetsuhiro Wakabayashi’s work.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


(I love the long toenails on the cat…)

7 thoughts on “Midweek Art Appreciation

  1. They speak to me – especially the quartet at the top.
    They are saying “Buy us — buy us.”
    A few years ago my favorite artist was a guy from North Carolina named Micah Mullen. Tim heard me say that so much that he took me to a show in the guy’s house! We ended up with a stunning mixed media painting of a western NC waterfall which hangs over our fireplace. Our only original painting but it’s a beaut.

    1. I love that kitty, too. You should go check out his (I think it’s a he) Flickr stream. He wrote me a little note on my Etsy purchase and he said, “I want to light the world with my art…” So sweet.

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