Walkin’ and Talkin’

Here in the south of England, we have been put under tight covid restrictions once again. The virus is escalating and have been asked to stay home and we are only supposed to go out for essential goods and services. The one thing that we are allowed to do is exercise outside with one other person and this has been a blessing to me because it’s given me the opportunity to walk with, and get to know some fabulous women friends who I might have only seen once in a blue moon during normal times.

When I feel that I’m struggling, I text one of my friends and we schedule a walk. We meet at the entrance to a park or nature reserve and we set out, walking and talking. As the walk progresses, I can feel the heaviness leave my mind and body because there are always stories to tell, burdens to share and often a good laugh to be had. And then just like that, I feel better. Thank you, friends.

“Within this true and utter quiet – a pause in my life while so many are still biting through deep loss – I try to imagine a future based upon what I still have. It is the very precarious material of Love that is left to build upon this year and into the next. We are all of us in this suspended somewhat so, even while our hearts, our very real hearts, amazingly, if occasionally, dare to dream. On we go. ” – Heather Robinson, from her blog, Lost in Arles.

6 thoughts on “Walkin’ and Talkin’

  1. Kim! You look lovely! If we met tomorrow under the Waterloo clock, I’d still recognise you!
    Just to break from Covid19…our monsoon has arrived! It took a while, but has already, in 24 hours, turned lawns of mouldy cheese to ankle-deep thick green grass!
    I wish you and those you love a much better New Year. Here’s to better leadership and health an happiness.xx

  2. I don’t know why, but this post just popped up in my email. Dated December 15, when the days were still getting darker and darker. Now it’s two weeks later and the days are getting brighter. More sun and a vaccine. Oh, and that strange orange thing is going away.

    1. Oh – I started this post on the 15th — that’s how long it took me to actually finish it and publish. I’m glad there’s more light a head — including the orange thing going away.

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