Lockdown II

Photos from my daily walks.

One of the things that I love about France is the cafe au lait bowl. I used to have one for myself but it mysteriously disappeared a few years ago after I came back from a solo visit to Michigan. I’m not pointing fingers or saying who did what…but all I know is that I had a cafe au lait bowl when I left and I didn’t have one when I got back. These things happen. For some reason when lockdown started I got a hankering to drink my milky coffee out of a French bowl again and so I tracked these two little beauties down from Natasha Baker Antiques and they arrived a few days ago, beautifully packaged and exactly what I wanted. I can proceed with lockdown now 🙂

I hope everyone is OK and finding good coping strategies for keeping well.



4 thoughts on “Lockdown II

  1. So that’s what those are. I’ve packed up tons of Mark’s collections and saw a couple of those. Had no idea what they were. BTW, need any kitchen stuff?

  2. I used to have some Japanese tea bowls.(I had pot pouri in them) We all have a favourite, don’t we?
    As I write, my small plain white china cup (of the thickness and durability of British Rail china) sits on a coaster beside the laptop . My first black brew of the day, always and only taken from this cup.We move on to the Willow Pattern set at breakfast.
    Stay safe, my friend.

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