Things Fall Apart


Like my house keeping, for instance.

And Peri!

Her fur has become matted for some inexplicable reason and so I’ve been forcing her to let me groom her and she does not appreciate it one bit.   Maybe she’s depressed.

Our neighbour just adopted a little tabby boy and he’s already sitting on their laps, playing with feathers, purring when they walk into the room, and gazing lovingly at them.

This is not Peri’s M.O.   And when I tell her about the neighbour’s cat — she doesn’t care.  If I remind her that I rescued her from a small kennel at the adoption centre — she doesn’t care about that either.  She pretty much sticks her middle toenail up at me and stomps off to the bedroom.

But — summer is finally here!

I went for an evening walk and just as I passed Diana’s house, her garden gate opened and she motioned me inside so I happily sat down and had a good old chin-wag on a warm summer evening.

These are some of Diana and Steve’s koi — Rednose and Tigger

Rednose and Casper.

And some hollyhocks almost ready to burst forth into colour.

It’s HAWT today, my friends.  The sun is here and I’m grateful.


3 thoughts on “Things Fall Apart

  1. I once had a pond with koi in it. The raccoons thought it was a sushi bar. Take Peri in to the vet for a checkup. Cats stop grooming themselves when they don’t feel good.

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