Let Me Help You…



So.  Yesterday my step son had an important document that needed to be scanned and sent off so I “helped” him set up the scanner.

Everything is a teachable moment with these kids today and so I felt very virtuous for taking the time to walk him through the process.

I think you can imagine how it all went down.  After several minutes of me saying,

“OK… now… we just do this.   No.  Wait.  OK wait.  Here.  We just have to click this and then that.  No.  Oh crap.  What? ”

I checked all the plugs and connections.  I redid everything again and, nothing.  Nada.

My step son sat in a chair, quietly sipping his tea while I prattled on.  Soon the young lad reached over and said, “well what does it say here?  It says to define the area so why don’t you do that first and then try?”


And soon the scanner was humming away and the document popped up on the screen and I managed to save it to a folder and pass it on to him through this new fangled technology called gmail.

It’s Friday.  Have a great weekend everyone.





5 thoughts on “Let Me Help You…

  1. I flew up to Chicago from Florida and spent three days teaching my mom how to use her new computer. We returned the computer a month later. By the way, your basement looks even spookier than mine.

    1. Very funny. We don’t have a basement in our house. Only you lucky American home owners have basements. And BTW — your copper pipes are amazing.

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