Summer Progresses and Other Things

Pickles and I took our walk through the farmer’s field on this late afternoon and I noticed that the sloe berries are out. They will be ready for harvest just after the first cold snap in September.

My mother-in-law likes sloe gin and so I always make her a batch and put it in her Christmas basket.  She and her best friend, Linda, claim that there are little arguments over who gets the sloe gin on a cold winter night.  I don’t really believe them because they are very reasonable women and I think they probably share nicely.  IMG_9194 IMG_9195

A few days ago I got a message that a certain somebody wanted to come to my house for a visit.  She’s five years old now!


We found a pink cowgirl hat and two fun games at a charity shop.  I think I’ve turned her on to the joys of second-hand shopping because we spent quite a bit of time mulling over all of the possibilities and we walked away with pure treasure and we only spent £5! IMG_9191




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