Midweek Art and Inspiration


Evelyn De Morgan was a British artist who exhibited her paintings from 1877 until her death in 1919.

In the 1880s with the onset of the Boer War, and later in World War I in 1914, De Morgan used her art to express the fears shared by many about the effects and horrors of war.

AP and I visited a small gallery with her paintings in it and unbeknownst to each other, we photographed the same thing: The above painting and the following quote.

“One must never praise war. The devil invented it, and you can have no conception of its horrors…we were ordered out to slay one another…both of us leave families that mourn us…we both liked life and needed our life for others. Yet we murdered each other stupidly because we were told it was our duty.” – Evelyn de Morgan, British painter.

5 thoughts on “Midweek Art and Inspiration

  1. Unfortunately, I live in a war obsessed country. I should say the government as run by the republicans are war obsessed. They wanted war with Iran so bad that they tried terribly to sink the President’s Iran nuclear deal. Somebody must be making a huge fortune on these wars. (Ahemm… Cheney.)

  2. Ahh … Art and Inspiration. For me today it was the first issue of Amy Butler’s online magazine “Blossom,” especially the motto “create Love, express Beauty, be Kind.” …. Just that.

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