10 thoughts on “A Jaunty Jaunt in South Wales

  1. I’m usually a creature who laughs over petrol in a diesel engine but I decided there was something so naughty and amusing in your ‘tone’ that I could giggle a little. Looks like a lovely day out there. We had sunshine and 10 celsius in Antwerp AGAIN 🙂 I hope the car was okay.

  2. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! I meant I’m usually a creature who DOESN’T laugh over petrol in a diesel engine. Sigh, too much exercise on a Saturday afternoon spent in the city.

    1. I knew what you meant :). We are in an Internet cafe now waiting for the repair people. And we’re keeping calm and finding the humour. Oh and it was a gorgeous day here, too. Lovely part of the world.

      1. Oh phew! You probably would have died laughing if you had seen my face upon realising what I had written and then that there was no edit button. I hope they can solve the problem easily and it seems, that if you get to spend time with one another, you’ll be fine. 🙂

  3. Oh, dear. I would be a basket case, I think – y’know? My stomach would have slithered right out through the soles of my shoes! May I ask, since I’m relatively new here, what is a revolving suitcase? Roundy-roundy on the luggage carousel, perhaps?

    1. Ahhh. The revolving suitcase. That is a famous story about a trip to France wherein my dear friend Tess convinced airport security that,as there was only one suitcase left circling around on the luggage carrier, someone had taken her suitcase and left theirs on the revolving carrier. Except that the lone suitcase was actually hers. After we realised this and apologies were made the security guard said, ” you obviously need a vacation, Madame”.

  4. You cannot put diesel into a petrol fueled car, the opening is too small, but I never thought about the other way around. Most gas stations here have the diesel pump separated from the regular.

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