Oh Yeah…I Went There.

To New York, that is.



My dear friend, Carol, is not feeling well these days and so I decided to get right back on a plane to NY and give Carol some TLC.  I had a wonderful visit.  Thanks, Carol!!  (I hope I didn’t hover and fuss too much.  A little fuss is OK, though.)

Cancer isn’t for sissies, I can tell you that.  As they say in France, it sucks the big winkie.  It really does.



Courage, Carol!



5 thoughts on “Oh Yeah…I Went There.

  1. Best fussing in the world. Can’t inagine a better visit and so glad you and Teresa got to spend time with Val and my phenomenol family. Cancer sucks, indeed, but laughter and friends and love beat it every time. And Ailey is creating his own family out of you all. We may have a small blood family, but I can’t think if a better way to build a “real” one than the one we have. Looce you.

    1. “laughter and friends and love beat it…” yep. Beats just about everything I can think of. Thanks for letting me into your family, Carol. Looce you, too 🙂

  2. I took the exact same picture of Carol and Dayo! That is so funny. I also stole her elephant purse and a makeup concealer from her house. And a turtle. But I think it’s ok that I stole the purse, because I gave it to her. I so loved meeting you, even though the circumstances were a little weepy. Glad I got to walk you to the bus.

    1. Oh Val. It was just wonderful to meet you. I’ve heard so many nice things about you over the years. Elephant purse, concealer, and a turtle. I think it’s OK, too. More than OK.

  3. Cancer sucks, but beating it is so nice. 29 years now since my chemo ended and cancer free since then. Hang in there, I hope you and Carol are still laughing 29 years from now.

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