It’s Been Awhile Now

One day, a few weeks ago, I caught a cold.

I was preparing for a long visit to my hometown so there was much to do to get ready to travel.  I had orders to finish and projects to wrap up and I diligently set about ticking these things off of my to-do list. I said goodbye to my friends, packed my suitcase, and confirmed my living arrangements in Michigan.

What I didn’t do, however, was get rid of my cold and by the time I landed in Detroit I was one big feverish, coughing mess.

I found myself in a doctor’s office, wheezing with plugged ears so that I misunderstood simple questions and gave them the name of my sister when asked about medication. There was an awkward pause but it was brushed off when I explained that I couldn’t hear a damned thing.

Now on antibiotics, I am recovering nicely and I hope to be blogging regularly about my 8 week adventure back in my hometown of Flint. You may have heard of it?

9 thoughts on “It’s Been Awhile Now

  1. Is that the infamous water or a bottled substitute? Drink a little of Flint’s water and you would need more than antibiotics. Kate says colds are yucky — one of hers turned into pneumonia a few years ago — and she hopes you feel better soon. Enjoy your family and friends!

  2. It must feel like traveling to a third world country. No universal heath care for that chest infection and no reliable running water. Flint looks like it could be a nice place. They need to lure a bunch of gay guys to move there and fix that place up.

    1. Flint is having a bit of a comeback. At least it was having one. This water crisis is actually bringing people together and there seems to be a much bigger sense of community at the mo. That’s the good news.

  3. Third world country! That’s funny. And that water is too clear for Flint. I hope you have a great 8 weeks. And get well.

  4. Oh my goodness! So sorry you have such a horrid cold. I, like many others, have been dismayed, to put it lightly, about the situation there in Flint. It would seem that those state-appointed managers knew the price of many things, but the value of nothing. Take care.

  5. So hope you are on the mend. And that you get to come east while you’re a bit closer. Stay safe and rest. Are their any kitties or doggies to nap with there?

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