Down on Monday

Peri and Pickles are fed up with the way things are going around here. Can you tell?


Peri is unhappy with her new brand of stinky goodness. First she said she liked it but now she tells me that it isn’t stinky goodness at all…it’s stinky badness. This is the fourth brand that she’s tried, loved, and then gone off. She is fickle.  She would like me to go find another kind of food for her.

Oh — and she lost her catnip mouse and she finds the dog irritating.

Pickles is fed up because I have not taken an afternoon nap today and she does not like sleeping on our leather sofa. Also, she feels misunderstood by Peri.

It’s turned a little cold over here. I may have been too hasty in buying some garden plants and have found that I must run outside and cover my lupin at night and bring the other little darlings into my house every evening so that they don’t get frosted.


Spring…where are you? Please come again soon.

4 thoughts on “Down on Monday

  1. There are daffodils here, but we’re supposed to have a wintry mix again tomorrow. But today was moving day, and I am unpacking as I look out at the pond!!!

  2. I find that my cats have always liked variety. I am constantly changing their food, and even that isn’t enough. Funny though, Lindsey Lohan (The Cat) has no trouble going next door and eating the neighbor cat’s, cat food even though it is generic.

    1. Well – funnily enough, Peri prefers the generic, also. Or at least she did until yesterday. She’s a stinker. And she’s going to be in a very bad mood tomorrow because she has a vet appointment.

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