On Wednesday


What a fine “taste-of-spring” day it was today. Pickles and I met up with some friends in the park.


We came across some spring posies…



Oh dear. Pickles can’t help herself. She’s leaving a pee mail for her dog friends.

I spotted a face inside a cage on the fence post. Someone came along and decorated some of the fencing and placed little statues on a rooftop. What a surprise to find some street art on a footpath in the park on a sunny day.


Peri says hello, too. I love the huge shadow on the wall. It makes her look like psycho-kitty but she isn’t a crazy cat at all.

Happy mid week.

5 thoughts on “On Wednesday

  1. It all looks so very lovely. Isn’t Spring grand!!! Your humour … I suspect Pickles shares it. The flower-mail incident made me think, ‘only her dog’ … 🙂 as I laughed.

    1. Oh my goodness. I’m so glad it made you laugh. And I must say that I’m loving the weather these past two days after weeks and weeks of rain.

  2. That thing in the cage looks kind of like a face from the movie “Planet of the Apes”. I’m glad the weather has turned around over there. My family in Chicago was whining about the snow again today.

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