Home Again in Michigan

I arrived at my mother’s house late last night.

Today I ate ground bologna sammiches and drank Vernor’s Ginger Ale. If you’re not from the Midwest you may not have any appreciation for these things but they meant an awful lot to me today.

My mother and sister quilt:



I brought along a wee embroidery project so that I wouldn’t feel left out:


My mother and I will sit together and stitch and talk a bit. I will be careful not to let her see how careless I am with my work.

And then she will turn on Fox News and I will go to bed. With my lips stitched together tightly.

Until tomorrow…

5 thoughts on “Home Again in Michigan

  1. I don’t know about ground bologna, but we used to have fried bologna sandwiches when I was a kid in Illinois. As for Fox News, when my older brother visits I delete it from the channel list and lock it out. Then I make him sit there and watch MSNBC. But of course he’s not my mother.

  2. Oh. Now I understand the “other me” post, understand it very well indeed ;0 And, oh boy, does Vernor’s Ginger Ale bring back memories of my visits to my grandparents’ home in Algonac!

  3. You are so smart to use that embroidery needle on your lips! My dad and I used to get into the biggest fights over fox news. But now he’s gone and I wish we hadn’t fought about those jackasses.

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