Ich Bin Krank

Shoot.  Things were going so very well in Germany.

We explored the city and revisited many of the places I used to trod –



And met up with some dear friends who I haven’t seen for years and years.


After a fabulous dinner and conversation,  we went back to our hotel and  it hit me.  The aches.  The watery eyes.  The fever.  The cough.

In my view, a burden shared is a burden halved and so I told AP every symptom and then some.

“Ich bin krank” I told the hotel desk clerk and so she arranged for herbal teas to be sent to my room.  I also told the matron at the chinese restaurant and she gave me hot and sour soup.

“I need another blanket.  I think I have a fever.  I’m cold.  I’m hot.  I’m thirsty.”

And so it went. It is a miserable virus.   I’m home, tucked up in bed now.

And I feel better for sharing.

8 thoughts on “Ich Bin Krank

  1. Kate ist auch krank! She tells me this at least 20 times a day. A bad cold that hits you like a brick is no fun. Chicken soup helps too. Feel better soon:)

  2. Nein! Das it’s crap news! Entshudigen that you have the lurgy. I am now into day thirteen of the virus and it has been such a fun experience ;o) Get well soon my friend and take it very easy, this virus is very nasty and can allegedly last up to three weeks, groan. Hope you get better soon so that we can hit the antique shops in Marlborough Xx

  3. Hope you are feeling much better! Krank is the best word for sick, isn’t it? Those were some awesome hotel and restaurant people you had in Germany!

  4. “I need another blanket. I think I have a fever. I’m cold. I’m hot. I’m thirsty.” (This is all true and verbatim) 🙂 Get well soon, sweetie.

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