Tricks and Treats

Remember her? Man she was a great cat. But no, she didn’t pose with a witch hat. AP photoshopped this for me when I was writing her blog, back in the day. That was a fun trick.

And the treat, for me, has been that we’ve been having a nice time, my mom and I. Today we popped down to Carriage Town Antique Center, right in the heart of Flint, Michigan. If you don’t know Flint, let me tell you that it used to be the second largest automobile manufacturer in the US and it has been decimated. Many of the factories have closed and what was once a booming economy is now a depressed ghost town.

But to my great delight, there seems to be a bit of a come-back in downtown Flint. Some of the old Victorian houses have been bought and restored… the University of Michigan has a large campus here…and some of the old 1930’s buildings are being repurposed. Such is the case with Carriage Town Antiques. It’s a treasure trove of vintage and antique goodies.

I loved these art deco light fixtures:

Tomorrow I will be having dinner with Redrokit  and Julie, my dear friends from waaaaaay back.  Oh it’s nice to be home.

Tonight, well.  Mom and I will be hiding out in the family room with the curtains drawn and lights out, pretending not to be home.  We’re too tired to hand out candy.


One thought on “Tricks and Treats

  1. Pearl! Yes, I remember. Hers was one of the first blogs I read. My cats wish they had as diligent and witty a ghost writer.
    Nice to see you again, Pearl. 🙂

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