Lay Down with Dogs, You’ll Get Up with Fleas

At least the U.K. seems to be trying to do something to expose the very inappropriate relationship(s) between government officials and the media.

It’s very rare that one sees karma in action but it does feel like that’s what I’ve been seeing as I watch the BBC cover the Leveson inquiry. I sit in the lounge with my beads and I string necklaces while watching one government official after the other describe how they socialized, consulted, sucked up to, and feared Rupert Murdoch and his cabal. That dried up old turd has done more to wreck the United States (and possibly the UK) than almost anyone and I hope he spends his remaining days being hounded and haunted for his part in the illegalities, fear mongering, and hate-filled crap that he’s been responsible for spewing out.

One thought on “Lay Down with Dogs, You’ll Get Up with Fleas

  1. I watched five minutes of Fox News today, and I had to turn it off. My throat was too sore from screaming at the television.

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