Homage to a Campaign

  AP and I put this slide show together to commemorate the general election campaign here in SW Surrey and to especially honour all of the volunteers and supporters who came out in every way to lend their support to the National Health Action Party — which was chosen by the Progressive Alliance to represent … More Homage to a Campaign

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends and family. One thought:  If you insist on discussing politics at the table this year, you just might be left with all the turkey and trimmings to yourself!  Or you might be left with terrible indigestion. Either way, it probably won’t end well.   xo  

The Hard Rain

I have to write about it. The United States just elected Donald Trump as president and handed over both houses of Congress to the Republicans, mostly due to manipulating the boundaries of voting districts, otherwise known as gerrymandering. If, by chance, you are a Republican you may want to stop reading right here. Hokay.  Now … More The Hard Rain

Wales and More

From Wales, cathedral ruins… The landscape — A neolithic boundary stone…   AP and I worked all night long at the count on election day. I was very moved by the experience of seeing democracy in action:  The ballots being delivered to the hall with escorts; the election officials giving instructions and then the actual … More Wales and More

Bluster and Grey

Jeez Louise it’s still cold here. These photos were taken a few weeks ago while on a walk in nearby Guildford. I think the trees might be a little further along in their budding by now. If you’ve ever read Notes From a Small Island, you may remember that Bill Bryson comments on how directions … More Bluster and Grey