Casual Friday

Yesterday as I was making my tea to take out to the shed, I turned around and saw this:

Pickles is a velcro dog. She sticks to me, even if I just get up to turn on the lamp or pull the curtains.

She’s been better about settling down in the lounge while I work in the shed because her friend, Pumpkin, sleeps with her and so she has at least one member of the pack to keep her company.

But yesterday Pumpkin buggered off upstairs to take his morning nap on the bed and Pickles didn’t know where he was. Therefore, she did this again when I sat down to work:

And believe me, she can sit there for a long time without blinking.

2 thoughts on “Casual Friday

    1. Absolutely!
      You probably won’t find it hard to believe that I find myself saying “no” to outside events or invitations because I can’t stand the guilt of leaving her. She BEGS to go with me and she’s such a sweet little thing that many times I find it easier to just stay home.

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