Saturday Odds and Ends

Now that the days are shorter and the sun starts to set between 3 and 4 (sometimes earlier if it’s a cloudy day), Pumpkin thinks it’s time to eat when the long shadows are cast on the dining room floor. He sits on his perch, which is the bookcase, and cries out for his food. He doesn’t understand why I’m starving him to death.

The Christmas cactus is blooming!

I’m recovering from hosting a dinner party last night. It was a precursor for Thanksgiving, when I will have seven people sitting around my dining room table.

Not my dining room table…it belongs to Richard and Vikki.

2 thoughts on “Saturday Odds and Ends

  1. Here in the US have daylight savings time. My dogs did not ‘fall back’ an hour when we ended DST. They still wake me up at 7am their time, 6am my time.

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