We’re having serious winter weather, complete with arctic winds and 14 inches of snowfall.

AP wanted me to go out in the snow with him last night but as I was already in my pajamas and had just stripped off my make-up, I declined but felt guilty about not going. He came back after a few minutes and told me the following story about his number 1 son:

No.1 went to Bournemouth with another friend to visit a third friend at university. The boys were not allowed to stay in the dormitory as they were guests and so were promptly kicked out when they drew attention to themselves. The boys then took a train to Southampton (why Southampton? ) and got stranded there and then they paid a taxi £100 to drive them home to Guildford. Once they got to No1’s house, the mother of No1 was asked to drive this friend home. It must have been well past midnight at this point. So doormat mother, rather than say, “no… here’s a sleeping bag for your friend and I’ll drive him home in the morning…” got in the car and drove this kid back home — probably about a 40 minute roundtrip. No1 son didn’t even go in the car with her to take his friend home.

The end.

So glad he doesn’t live with us.

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