I’m very late in writing this blog post (surprise surprise). Since our incredible trip to Scotland, AP and I have been mostly staying around home, working on our own projects, and sometimes working together in an effort at home improvement. Recently I was asked by a friend to give her daughter a lesson in metal … More September

Now In May

Today… sun, blue skies, and cow parsley.  I noticed this big, lush patch growing near the field when I walked Daisy and Sky… if one can call it walking.  It’s more like stopping and starting and coaxing and waiting.  Daisy is the slow poke, mostly because she is hugely overweight and I suspect her spindly … More Now In May

Brighton West Sussex

  My very stylish friend, Tess, invited me to Brighton for a few days and we toured the old city where there were streets with fishermen cottages, interesting independent stores, and really nice coffee shops and bakeries. And I met Poppolina, a teacup chihuahua who sat on the window of Zars barbershop.  If you’re in Brighton … More Brighton West Sussex