Post Holiday Holiday

Because we were feeling out of sorts after December events – we took ourselves away to the coast. These photos are from Lyme Regis, a town that is notable for the birthplace of Palentologist, Mary Anning (see the film Ammonite), the home of author John Fowles and the setting of the film based on his … More Post Holiday Holiday

Sixteen Years

We just celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary and so we decided to go up to London and see the new production of Fiddler on the Roof. Well, I decided that we should do that and AP said, “OK”. We drove to the train station and parked up. Neither of us had the coins to put … More Sixteen Years

It’s Not my Job, I Can’t Help You, Computer Says No…

AP bought an expensive collectable book from a vendor who sent the book via a private courier. The book never arrived and thus far we have had three communications from the courier stating: That the book was delivered; that the book is in their facility in a nearby town and would be delivered the following … More It’s Not my Job, I Can’t Help You, Computer Says No…

Teachable Moments

This is Katie, my 10 year old neighbour. Sometimes she hangs out with me when she is not in school. She’s a lovely, lovely kid. The last time she stayed with me, we watched a program on the suffragettes and that sparked a good discussion on the history of women’s rights. One time we watched … More Teachable Moments

Sunshine in February

And just like that… I appear in late February after a three month absence. This what I’ve felt like since late November… Christmas was very busy. I went to the United States in January. And this week the sun came out! The above photos were from a trip that I made to Petersham Nurseries with … More Sunshine in February