Speaking Liberally

  I was invited to a public meeting in support of the National Health Action party and I gave a wee talk on the American health care system and what it’s like to live with privatised healthcare. To my amazement I didn’t stumble too much and only stammered a little. Public speaking is not my … More Speaking Liberally

Rolling Along

My foray back into grassroots political activism was not easy. I won’t lie to you. I came home with a bit of a long face after handing out flyers on Saturday. I wallowed in self pity and, if I were to be honest, in self righteousness. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned from living … More Rolling Along

I’m At It Again

(Digital Collage by Rockyann) I have been growing weary of politics. The news and the basic political trends both in the US and over here in Europe are just depressing and completely absurd. Perhaps I have shared this before on this blog but AP and I sit together in the evenings and yell at each … More I’m At It Again

A Tragic Disparity

Times are tough. … the [private] jet market is splitting in two. Sales of the largest, most expensive private jets — including private jumbo jets — are soaring, with higher prices and long waiting lists. Smaller, cheaper jets, however, are piling up on the nation’s private-jet tarmacs with big discounts and few buyers. “The real … More A Tragic Disparity

Angels and Mercy

Sam Baker wrote the song, Angels, after he was almost fatally wounded in a terrorist attack in Peru. In an interview he stated that the “Angels” he refers to were all the people who came to his aid when he was nearly dead. Peruvian citizens lined up to donate blood and emergency staff worked tirelessly … More Angels and Mercy

Stuff that Makes Me Want to Blow What’s Left of My Brains Out

…when A-holes like these comment on the chaos, terror, death and carnage taking place in Iraq right now: Douglas Feith, Undersecretary of Defense for George W. Bush and Neo Con shill for the illegal invasion of Iraq, “This is the education of Barack Obama, but it’s coming at a very high cost to the Syrian … More Stuff that Makes Me Want to Blow What’s Left of My Brains Out

More Monday and Also St. Patrick’s Day!

More Spring… Some plants for my garden. Poppies, Lupins, Lavender, Rosemary, Mint… That’s right. I’m going to plant these wonderful living, growing things in my back garden and I’ll say a little prayer over them and then it’s really a miracle if they survive until mid-summer. Except for the Lavender. It’s very hardy. Finally, it’s … More More Monday and Also St. Patrick’s Day!

The Food Bank

“Today people across the UK will struggle to feed themselves and their families. Redundancy, illness, benefit delay, domestic violence, debt, family breakdown and paying for the additional costs of heating during winter are just some of the reasons why people go hungry.” – The Trussell Trust This is what our tiny food warehouse looks like: … More The Food Bank