Between Here and There

I leave for Michigan tomorrow morning.  AP and I have discussed the “while I’m away” checklist and I’ve done the last minute household things that needed doing or were past needing done. This afternoon I decided to go to the supermarket and buy enough cat litter and  cat food for the weeks that I’ll be … More Between Here and There

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends and family. One thought:  If you insist on discussing politics at the table this year, you just might be left with all the turkey and trimmings to yourself!  Or you might be left with terrible indigestion. Either way, it probably won’t end well.   xo  

Life, the Universe, and a Screwed Up Morass of Stuff

I’m lifting this quote shamelessly from Terri Windling’s beautiful blog: “Life is wonderful and strange…and it’s also absolutely mundane and tiresome. It’s hilarious and it’s deadening. It’s a big, screwed-up morass of beauty and change and fear and all our lives we oscillate between awe and tedium. I think stories are the place to explore … More Life, the Universe, and a Screwed Up Morass of Stuff

Do Not Travel VIA NJ Newark International Airport

This is another one of those posts that I’m finding difficult to put together because it’s actually quite painful to write.  It involves a very dear friend of mine who was abused, manhandled and intimidated by the police of the NY/NJ Port Authority. Let me just start by stating that I traveled to and from … More Do Not Travel VIA NJ Newark International Airport

American Quilts and Textile Art — Featuring My Sister

My sister knows how to quilt.  And when I say “she knows how to quilt”, I mean “She KNOWS how to quilt.”  Indeed, she made all of the above and she donates many of her works to charity auctions.  Other pieces she gives to fortunate family members. 🙂 My sister belongs to a guild where … More American Quilts and Textile Art — Featuring My Sister


  My friend, Debbie, will sometimes write to me and tell me that she’s had a pants day.  Or if I tell her something that went wrong in my life, Debbie will furrow her brow and say, “well that’s pants!” For my American friends — and for other readers who aren’t familiar with British slang, … More Pants?

On No-thing

  This post could be entitled, “chasing meditation”. Our friend, Stuart, hosted an afternoon of Buddhist meditation and teachings at his house. The only problem was that I arrived one day early.  I drove home, embarrassed, and I took a nap. Naps take care of a lot of things as far as I’m concerned. I … More On No-thing