For the Birds…

My back garden is busy these days. I’ve been much more prompt about filling the bird feeders and keeping suet and seeds out on the bird table. I have both large and small birds coming by every morning and every evening and as I keep saying here, I get such a kick out of watching … More For the Birds…

A Walk in the Woods

These photos were from a walk that I took yesterday. It was overcast and cool. I like to meander along the pathways and dream some dreams…or kick the dirt if I’m irritated about something. (Which is hardly EVER 🙂 ) Pickles likes to take her time and thoroughly sniff every leaf that may have one … More A Walk in the Woods

Monday, Monday

(Guildford Castle) Stark, blustery winter days. And yet — the crocus’s*  snowdrops are out: And I was delighted to see the light in the sky well past 4:00 PM today. I have been working in the shed again but I keep running up against various roadblocks in my metal work.  I think it might have … More Monday, Monday

In Play

After avoiding the shed for a few weeks, I have returned. And I’ve started playing. And playing is much better than working. When I approach the jewelry bench with the idea that I HAVE to come up with something, nothing good happens. I grow frustrated and I hate everything that I solder and shape. Play … More In Play


Making things… A gift for my sister. Check out Corey Amaro’s photographs of Carnival in Venice. Her photos are always incredible.

Creative Play

I’ve been spending more time in the studio again. I found this vintage pendent at the local flea market and I happily took it home and put it together with some coral beads that I had in my stash. The best thing about this old pendent is that it has a secret compartment. I wonder … More Creative Play